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Bound For Old Mexico lyrics


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     Bound For Old Mexico
    >> Marty Robbins
        True, I wasn't born anywhere south of the border
    And I'm not a native to old Mexico
    But there's someone there fits my heart as though made to order
    And it's fittingly proper through these eyes that love her so
    If I could just write it of as just mere fascination
    Then the problems we face would die where they are and not grow
    But my will's not contained in the thoughts little minds now are thinking
    Oh, I'm on my way to old Mexico
    There are those who will shame us by openly showing rejection
    But the game must be played in accordance to how the cards fall
    And my life's not dependant on their kind of narrow affection
    For the choice between them would be no choice at all
    So the sound of the rails to my ears will be sweet, sweet music
    The longer I hear it, the shorter the time we're apart
    Soon I will see the span of the Old Rio Grande lay before me
    And the land that gave birth to the girl who now holds my heart
    I'll be ridin' these same rails in the not too distant future
    Life will be so complete for in this very seat soon I know
    There'll be two and not one, for love's will shall be done, good Lord willin'
    Oh, I'm on my way to old Mexico
    To old Mexico
    To old Mexico
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